This industrial L-shaped kitchen is what modern kitchens are
all about. The island separates the open space of the room
which ultimately gives off an extensive mood. The wood-based
cabinets and charcoal colored countertop radiates in design
and finishing.

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Date : 2023

Welcome to Orion, a modern kitchen that embodies the spirit of industrial design. This L-shaped configuration features an island that beautifully partitions the open space of the room, creating a sense of expansiveness. The heart of Orion lies in its wood-based cabinets and charcoal-colored countertops, radiating a sense of style and finesse that truly sets it apart.

Design Concept

Orion is a testament to Kplr’s vision of combining functionality with sophisticated design. This industrial L-shaped kitchen incorporates modern aesthetics while maintaining practicality. The strategic use of space and placement of appliances ensures that the kitchen remains user-friendly while looking sleek and modern.

The Island

One of the standout features of Orion is the kitchen island. Apart from providing extra workspace, the island serves as a subtle demarcation in the open-plan room, creating a sense of expansiveness without obstructing the flow of movement. It’s a design element that enhances both the function and aesthetics of the kitchen.

Wood-based Cabinets & Charcoal Countertops

Orion’s signature style statement lies in its combination of wood-based cabinets and charcoal-colored countertops. The warm, earthy tones of the wood contrast beautifully with the cool, sleek charcoal, creating a visually striking palette. The overall effect is one of sophisticated elegance that adds a touch of luxury to everyday cooking.

Orion is more than a kitchen; it’s a celebration of industrial design. With its practical L-shaped layout, versatile kitchen island, and unique color palette, it encapsulates what modern kitchens should be – functional, stylish, and designed to make a statement. With Orion, you’re not just designing a kitchen; you’re creating an experience.