This open space loft look overlooking the Sol kitchen is a perfect mix of functionality and design. The island separating the living area and the kitchen gives a nice tie between the two rooms, adding extra bar space seating. The lit up open boxes on the backwall give Sol character and highlights its beauty. design all in one room. The neutral colors bring in a serenity and homey vibe.

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Date : 2023

Step into Sol, a kitchen space that masterfully combines functionality and design in an open loft setting. This unique design, characterized by a central island that bridges the kitchen and living area, allows for a seamless flow between the two spaces. The Sol kitchen truly stands out with its backwall open boxes feature that not only adds to its functional appeal but also illuminates the character of the room.

Design Concept

The Sol kitchen embodies the concept of open space living, expertly blending the kitchen with the surrounding living area. The central island serves as a focal point, providing a natural barrier that also enhances connectivity between the two spaces. This layout brings about an engaging and dynamic environment, perfect for modern living.

The Island

Serving as a prime feature, the island in Sol kitchen provides additional counter space and doubles as a bar seating area. Its strategic placement forms a natural boundary that separates the kitchen from the living area while maintaining a sense of open space. It’s a perfect spot for quick meals, casual conversations, or just enjoying a cup of coffee.

Backwall Open Boxes

Adding to the distinctiveness of Sol is the set of lit-up open boxes adorning the backwall. These aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces offer extra storage and display options, enhancing the overall functionality of the kitchen. When lit, they highlight the beauty of the kitchen, creating a warm, inviting ambiance.

The Sol kitchen is a testament to the elegance of open space designs. Its unique features, functionality, and modern aesthetics harmoniously blend to provide a kitchen experience that is both practical and enjoyable. Step into Sol and bask in the charm of a kitchen designed with modern living in mind.